Sheryl Means

Crochet Cheerleader, Artist and Teacher

I have worn many hats in my life, but the one constant has been the creativity inside me fighting to get out. Despite trying a rather large variety of pursuits, crochet seems to be my constant. It is my home.

My Journey

I learned to crochet as a child then dabbled in it most of my life. I never was taught to follow patterns so making things from the plethora of needlework magazines of the 1970s was very difficult. I usually ended up making just odds and ends…mostly rectangles though I wanted to do so much more.

When the knitting renaissance happened in the early 2000s I picked up needles, relearned to knit, joined a knitting group which in turn led to co-owning a yarn shop for eleven years. I was the resident crochet expert while my business partner was the knitting guru.

During those years I really explored freeform crochet which I found to be my true passion. I also learned to spin my own yarn, as well as weave, dye yarn and fiber, and published several patterns, contributed to two books and had two books published by Leisure Arts.

Once I closed the store I floundered. I tried pouring myself into one pursuit or another but nothing felt right until I came back home to crochet. I now am able to fully embrace who I am as an artist and what gives me the most pleasure and satisfaction.

I hope my style of crochet and teaching strikes a chord with you and that what I offer here makes your experience with crochet a joyful expression of who you are.