TYLE in the Rearview Mirror

The wind has blown with gale force fury for at least two months across much of south Texas. Saturday, April 23rd was no exception. The poor vendors had to anchor their tents and wares to prevent utter chaos from happening on the fields of Blue Mule Winery in Fayetteville, Texas. Fortunately, I was not a vendor this year. I came prepared with clip boards and tools to help my students keep their handouts and other items secure. But, alas! Classes were set up inside the winery so there was no need to worry.

This event was my first go at teaching Intuitive Crochet, and despite nerves, I believe it was a success. I define success by my students. If thy had fun and left with new knowledge and a fresh perspective, then I did my job. Judging by the feedback, that is exactly what happened. Each time I teach this I will add and remove certain aspects while tailoring it to the students present. This was also one of the rare times I didn’t try to teach too much. I’m usually so worried about giving folks their money’s worth I try to cram in as much as possible. This seemed like a good mix of creativity and crochet.

I made them paint before I let them crochet.

The concept that crocheters are free to insert the hook where they want and work any stitch they want is generally revolutionary to my students. Once they wrap their heads around that knowledge they are free to create. I think this is my single most important contribution to the crochet world…setting folks free from constraints so that they make things that are pleasing to them. When I give them simple guidelines (not rules) then they can try different things and make discoveries of their own. It is as if I am giving birth to baby crochet artists. I love it!

Thanks to the internet and the vast resources available to us today, I believe that my next venture is going to be figuring out how to do video lessons so that my methods are available no matter the geographical location. It is an exciting new world we live in today. Follow me on Instagram (@sheryls_hook) and subscribe here to get updates when I blog. I plan on doing little tutorials here as well as general crochet postings.

Until next time, grab a hook and crochet outside the lines.


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