Crochet Outside The Lines

Hi, my name is Sheryl and I crochet. But…I don’t crochet well with others. By that I mean that I am not good at following other people’s patterns. I buy them because I want the crochet designers I love and admire to be successful. I admire the patterns. I contemplate making the design to the extent I buy yarn and plan to make whatever it is that captured my fancy. But…I never do, or at least I don’t finish. It is just who I am.

Dealing With Reality

I love to crochet. I love to make things. I just don’t love being told what to do. Enter my philosophy: “Crochet outside the lines.” I know this sounds scary, but I am here to guide those of you who are like minded down a path of crochet bliss.

I am also a crochet geek, particularly crochet history and crochet art. This is such an exciting time to be a crocheter: new designers, new magazines, international art installations, new techniques, materials and methods.

For those who know me well, I can be hard to keep up with. It isn’t intentional…really it isn’t. But, now I have a clearer crochet path and two Instagram accounts for my creativity:

@continuousthreads – all of my textile adventures including crochet @sheryls_hook – crochet only – lace, freeform, technical and history

This blog will feature my intuitive approach to crochet and how I use it to make art. I hope whatever kind of crochet you love that you find a home here with me and learn something new to enhance your craft.

One Stitch At A Time

I thought this to be the perfect name for my blog. My crochet technique is based on working a stitch a time just as a painter paints one stroke of the brush at a time. I want to inspire, instruct and encourage all who are interested in what I do. This blog will be my primary focus. No matter the material or the final product, I am not, nor will I ever be a pattern following crocheter. I am an artist and my hearts desire is to teach, inspire, and encourage others to explore all that crochet has to offer. Buy patterns, support designers, crochet from patterns…but also know that you have the ability to crochet outside the lines.

Until next time,


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